More visibility, better control, faster apps, lower cost

Up to 75% lower network costs, up to 10 times more bandwidth

79% of organizations suffer application performance problems

Don’t let the network be a bottleneck for your business critical applications

We build smart networks

Is your organisation embracing cloud based applications like Office 365 and Unified Communications? Are you pressed for cost reduction and forced to move your corporate network towards the internet? Then how will you guarantee the performance of business critical applications, while keeping your network safe? Videns provides secure, intelligent and application aware network solutions that dynamically adapt to your business requirements. We use next-generation network products and cutting edge Software Defined WAN technologies, to deliver our fully managed and OpEx based services.


Videns IT Services expands team with Sales Director

Utrecht, september 2017 – Videns IT Services, supplier of flexible next-generation WAN solutions, has expanded its team with Sales Director Jan-Willem Behrens (48). As of the 1st of October, Behrens will be mainly responsible for business development and further...

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Why Videns IT Services

• End-to-end, fully managed solutions
• Application centric visibility and control
• OpEx based, no capital  investment
• Independent of network vendors
• ISO 27001 certified

Turn the network into a business asset

Research shows that MPLS to hybrid WAN migration typically brings 50 to 75% cost reduction. But how do you keep the corporate network secure and how can you be sure that it will it not become a bottleneck to your business critical applications? Videns brings intelligence to the network, to make it adapt dynamically to your changing application environment and business priorities, while maintaining the highest standards of network security. With our technology partners, we help IT managers across Europe to align their network spend with business objectives.

“We used to spend about half our time on managing escalations and fixing problems of which most weren’t even network problems at all! With the Videns service, we heavily reduced our Mean Time to Innocence and troubleshooting time, which allows us to focus more on our strategic projects now.”

Network manager

Global manufacturing company

“We initially planned to deploy our Videns hybrid WAN services in three batches over a couple of years. When the business saw what savings and performance gains we realised, they quickly mandated us to pull our planning forward and deploy the entire scope in one go.”

Infrastructure manager

Global transportation and logistics company

Up to 75% lower network costs, up to 10 times more bandwidth