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High Performance networking using standard internet connections

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Direct and optimized access to all major cloud and SaaS providers

Flexible and agile branch networking

Easy to deploy and manage from a cloud based orchestrator

Businesses want more agile and flexible network services

Digital transformation forces enterprises to rapidly adopt new and innovative applications and to implement cloud based services, such as O365, AWS, Azure and This causes an immediate challenge for traditional WAN technologies and requires a radical change of the corporate WAN. Innovative technologies, and in particular Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), have emerged and enable enterprises to effectively address those WAN challenges today.

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How to select the best SD-WAN partner

SD-WAN promises to guarantee the performance of the network, dramatically simplify network management and operations and reduce cost. With SD-WAN, you might even argue that the network itself is being automated! However this network simplification presents...

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What makes an SD-WAN a real SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is the ‘talk of the town’ and the networking market is flooded with new vendors offering SD-WAN solutions. But what characteristics make an SD-WAN a real SD-WAN that fully delivers on its promises, without limitations? First of all you have to distinguish...

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Who we are

Founded in 2012, Videns IT Services is a rapidly growing and network-independent service provider, delivering fully managed SD-WAN services to its customers worldwide. We are currently supporting over 40 international customers, managing 1.200+ sites in more than 50 countries.

What we do

We help IT managers across Europe to move to internet based and Software Defined WANs.
We provide Next Generation WAN services that combine the flexibility of the cloud with the economics of the internet while providing optimized performance of on-premise and cloud based applications. We provide services across the SD-WAN lifecycle, from consultancy, design, implementation to full management.

What sets us apart

We are frontrunners in SD-WAN. This is not slideware! Our expertise is built upon SD-WAN implementations for numerous domestic and international customers. We work in small dedicated teams with a good understanding of your organization and business priorities, delivering proactive service management, with a clear focus on your applications and on an excellent user experience.

Why Videns IT Services

• End-to-end, fully managed solutions
• Application centric visibility and control
• OpEx based, no capital  investment
• Independent of network vendors
• ISO 27001 certified

“With VeloCloud, our users immediately saw benefits in terms of better performance and user experience. Happy users is a very important metric for us.”

Daan Muizer

Global Operations Manager, Stolt-Nielsen

“Our users need to be able to trust our network for a full 100%. Videns IT Services offers that peace of mind. With their solutions and services, they offer security to our colleagues at our twelve sites.”

Olivier Knockaert

Chief Information Officer, Vanheede

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