Managing and optimizing your network

Why run your own network optimization and control if Videns can run it for you?

Turning technology into business value

Enterprises can benefit from next-generation WAN technologies to provide highly flexible and cost effective Cloud-ready WAN services. However, technology itself does not deliver business value: it is how the technology is implemented, operated and used that makes the difference between success or failure.

In order to truly create value from next-generation WAN technology, a combination of deep technical knowhow with a thorough understanding of the enterprise’s application landscape and business priorities, as well as a proactive service delivery approach is required.

Videns, being a specialised next-generation WAN service provider, understands this better than anyone else. We turn next-generation WAN technologies into end-to-end managed services and solutions that deliver genuine business value. Our focus, expertise and experience ensures that enterprises fully reach their company objectives and more!

Full life cycle services

Putting it all together
To deliver on our promise as a full-services company, we have a comprehensive portfolio of design, implementation and management and consulting services. In fact, services are our core business. We aim for excellent customer experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

Making life easier for you
Our best-of-breed technology partners provide the technology and we deliver the services to make it all work for you. Our people are experienced and certified network specialists, who are here to help you build and operate your next-generation WAN solution, in every phase of the project. If you let us run your next-generation WAN solution as a fully managed service, you can expect our service manager to pro-actively look for ways to improve network performance and efficiency.


  • Workshop
  • Application Profiling
  • Design Services


  • Configuration and Setup
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Transfer


  • Service Management
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting


  • Application Deployment
  • Network Optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Analysis and Reporting

FLEXIBLE: Different service models

Unique pay per user model
Videns introduced a unique pay-per-user model for our Ipanema-based NextGen WAN service. We optimize your Wide Area Network for business critical applications and you get full visibility on network and application performance. We provide Ipanema as a fully managed service for as little as € 7,- to € 12,- per IT user, per month. All equipment, software and services included. Compare this with the total cost of an employee’s IT workplace or with the cost of an employee’s time lost due to slow applications, and the business case is quickly made.

NextGen WAN ‘as a service’ – brought to you by Videns

Videns IT Services supports a variety of service models to flexibly suit every enterprise’s need. For enterprises that lack the skills and resources to manage their own solution or that don’t want to invest in appliances and software, we provide a fully managed service for a fixed fee per month. From installation and setup to monthly reporting and pro-active tuning of your network, it’s all in the package. If you need more, like quarterly network health checks and rightsizing, our service consultants are here to help.

Stay in control
Do you want to stay in control and run your own next-generation WAN solution? No problem! We have developed a flexible service delivery model and are always ready to help. Whether it is by simply providing hardware and software, or by sending one of our consultants to troubleshoot the problem.

Interested to read more? Find our service descriptions on the download page.