Increased revenues, better margins and more customer value

Profit from Videns white label services

Benefits of Videns white label services

Next-generation WAN services are resource-intensive. They require skilled engineers and consultants that have in-depth technical knowledge of these solutions as well as a thorough understanding of the customers’ application and network environments and business priorities.

Many service providers don’t have the critical mass yet to team up a large enough group of skilled people to deliver and actively support these services on a 24/7 basis. Or they have their resources organised in central competence centers that are geographically or organisationally too distant to maintain the required level of customer intimacy. This typically results in poor services, a lot of customer complaints and escalations, huge resource absorption and frustrated customer relationships. Exactly the opposite of what was intended: increased revenues, better margins and more customer value and retention.

24/7 support

Our experienced team of certified network and application professionals can support your global customers 24/7 in multiple languages. Videns is an ISO 27001 certified organisation, so you can be assured to comply with your company standards and requirements.

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NextGen WAN services on behalf of your company

Through our white label services for service providers, we deliver our next-generation WAN services to your customers on your behalf. Needless to say this will happen in close and full cooperation. Our services will bring you these opportunities and benefits:

  • Extend your service portfolio and deliver new and innovative services to your customers, under your logo.
  • Significantly shorten the time to market for next-generation WAN services and put you ahead of the game.
  • Avoid upfront investments and prevent cash flow issues by leveraging our fully OpEx based services.
  • Quickly grow your customer base by offering low-entry services using our unique pay-per-user pricing model.
  • Sell and market NextGen WAN services free of worries, being assured that our services are fully end-to-end managed and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Don’t ask us, ask any of our customers!
  • Shorten sales cycles and improve win rates by benefiting from our experienced sales and technical presales support, including the delivery of high quality Proof of Concept services to convince your prospects.