Powerful features

Delivered as end-to-end managed service options

Best-of-breed technology

Videns leverages the technology of best-of-breed SD WAN vendors to provide a powerful set of features, delivered as end-to-end managed service options. This ensures enterprises to benefit from a highly cost effective and flexible cloud-ready WAN solution tailored to their specific situation.


Videns next-generation WAN service features

Application visibility

Provides full visibility of application usage and performance. Measurement and continuous computation of Application Quality Scores (AQS) for all application flows to assess their performance in real-time. Interactive dashboards with automatic alerting strongly simplify performance troubleshooting and historical reports enable more effective service management and network planning.

QoS and control

Gives full control over (cloud) application performance and network usage by dynamically regulating application traffic according to business objectives and actual network conditions. Guarantees the performance of real-time and business-critical applications and effectively controls the impact of recreational and bandwidth-hungry applications.

WAN optimisation

Provides LAN-like performance over high-latency WAN connections. Reduces the bandwidth demand up to 90% by compressing and deduplicating data traffic over the network.

Dynamic path selection and multipath optimization

Optimises the use of network resources by continuously monitoring all available networks and dynamically selecting the best path for each application flow. Aggregates multiple internet broadband links to deliver high-quality, MPLS-grade performance to support real-time applications such as Voice and Video. This feature turns hybrid (MPLS + Internet) networks into flexible and cost-effective enterprise assets.

Zero-touch deployment

Reduces WAN delivery lead times from weeks to minutes. This feature brings new sites live by simply connecting an SD WAN appliance to one or more internet broadband or 3G/4G links, no configuration required. The service automatically authenticates, connects and configures itself in accordance with centrally defined business policies. Long delivery times for dedicated MPLS links and local installation of WAN routers will be a thing of the past.

Cloud VPN and security

Provides secure and dynamic edge-to-edge communication between branches and with enterprise and cloud (Azure, AWS etc.) datacenters, based on service level and application performance objectives. This feature delivers secure Internet access with integrated next-generation firewall functionality or integration with cloud security services such as Zscaler.

Objective-based management

Automated network management based on globally defined application and business policies makes it easy to manage even the largest networks and most complex application environments. Manual configuration and management of per site static policies are no longer required. Get in control. Reduce application deployment lead times from weeks to minutes.