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Is the end of the RFP near?

Is SD-WAN an MPLS killer?

Cloudification of the WAN?

SD WAN: future of now?

Digital Shift – The Network Revolution starts here

The theme of this year’s Videns Annual Conference is Digital Shift. Digital Shift is about organizations that change the world of network services.

Just like Videns IT Services and its SD-WAN partners are changing the world of networking. Disruptors have such a big impact on the world that they are causing the established order to consider new business models. Be there, on June 6, 2017!

The world as we know it is changing. Just think of the cloudification of the WAN and are RFP’s becoming obsolete. Or whether SD-WAN is still in the future, or taking place as we speak. And will these changes mean the end of MPLS? On June 6, 2017, you’re welcome to join the discussion about these topics and more in LAC Studios’ Inner Circle room. Under guidance of renowned IT speaker Joost Hoebink, Videns IT Services and its leading NextGen WAN vendors will discuss these topics and many more – with each other and with you. And you can bring your own question or topic to the table at the Cocktail Chat – an interactive discussion with the audience. So don’t miss out and register now.

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“Let Digital Shift be the source of inspiration for your network innovation.”




13:30 Reception
14:00 Interactive kick-off by Joost Hoebink
14:15 The network revolution starts here! – Ferran van den Berg, Business Development Director, Videns IT Services
15:15 Hyde Park Session – leading Next Gen WAN vendors share their view and strategy on future networking
16:15 Cocktail Chat – Bring your own questions!
17:15 Cocktails, drinks and snacks




LAC Studios
5611 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

We hope you will join us at the conference and look forward to seeing you soon!

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Want to talk about:

  • Is the end of the RFP near?
  • Is SD-WAN an MPLS killer?
  • Cloudification of the WAN?
  • SD WAN : future of now?

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