What's in it for you?

Maximise business value and achieve company and IT objectives

Profit from technology and our knowledge

Our knowledge and experience in the area of next-generation network solutions help you to maximise business value from these technologies and reach your company and IT objectives. Interested? Please click here to contact us and let us convince you how Videns can help.

What are the benefits?

Lower costs

With an annual growth of 30-40%, average network traffic grows much faster than the price of MPLS networks erodes. Contain your network costs by:

  • effectively controlling and reducing network traffic according to business objectives;
  • replacing expensive MPLS links by inexpensive Internet broadband links;
  • postponing costly MPLS upgrades by deploying flexible hybrid network services.

Increased network agility

Deploy 10 times faster. When it comes to opening up new offices or rolling out new applications, network teams are commonly known to be ‘the last to know but first to act’. Free yourself from being dependent on dedicated MPLS connections with long delivery lead times. Remove the burden of reconfiguring per site static policies for new application deployments. Connect new offices in days, not months. Support new application roll-outs in minutes, not weeks!

Simplified network operations and troubleshooting

Proactively detect, diagnose and troubleshoot application performance problems before users are impacted. Reduce troubleshooting times with intuitive real-time dashboards, which allow you to easily drill-down from a high-level, global view to the details of an individual application flow. Effectively pinpoint the root cause of performance issues and prevent fingerpointing between different teams.

Guaranteed and improved application performance

Full control and optimisation of all applications over the global network: Private cloud, public cloud or both. Protect real-time and business critical applications like VoIP and ERP for each user at all times. Prioritise SaaS (Office 365, Salesforce.com) traffic over recreational Internet traffic and accelerate SaaS application performance for global users.

Efficient management

Effective forecasting and planning of network upgrades based on application and service level objectives. Efficient management and reporting of internal performance KPIs, trends and breaches. Objective benchmarking of provider performance against contractual SLA obligations.