What Videns can do for you

Cloud and SaaS services, Unified Communications, Hybrid Networking

What our technology can do for your organization

Enterprises benefit from NextGen WANs as these provide more capacity, better performance, lower cost and more flexibility. They are especially well suited to help you overcome the challenges of traditional WANs when you are concerned with one of the topics below:

Cloud and SaaS services

Enterprises are migrating workloads to public (Azure, AWS) and hybrid Cloud environments and are moving productivity, CRM, ERP and other applications to SaaS services such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce.com to reduce cost and increase flexibility and business agility.

Traditional MPLS based networks are optimised for branch-to-branch and branch-to-datacenter communication, not for the Cloud. Cloud traffic has to compete for bandwidth with other non business-related or less-critical Internet traffic. And Cloud application performance suffers from unpredictable Internet performance and suboptimal routing via centralised Internet gateways.

Videns NextGen WAN services are designed with the Cloud in mind and help organisations to successfully deploy Cloud services by providing:

  • direct optimal access to Cloud-based applications
  • deep traffic inspection for granular Cloud application classification
  • end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting of Cloud application performance
  • advanced prioritisation and Cloud acceleration for maximum performance
Unified Communications

Many enterprises are deploying Unified Communications (Lync/Skype for Business, Cisco UC, Unify) to increase collaboration and productivity, reduce travel expenses and/or replace legacy telephony systems.

However, UC services put a lot of pressure on enterprise WANs. They are a collection of many applications, such as peer-to-peer voice and video, voice and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing and instant messaging. The up to tenfold increase in bandwidth demand, the dynamic nature of flows and the amount of protocols and codecs cannot be handled by traditional network solutions.

Videns’ SD-WAN services help you to effectively manage UC traffic over the WAN. UC applications and codecs are automatically recognised and bandwidth is dynamically assigned, based on their individual needs and business priority. Critical UC flows such as Enterprise Voice will be protected at all times, while traffic from bandwidth-hungry UC applications like desktop video will be effectively contained.

Minimise network costs by optimised and dynamic routing of UC flows over hybrid networks. Leverage low-cost Internet bandwidth for real-time (voice, video) UC applications, while providing the consistent, high-quality experience demanded by users.

Hybrid Networking

Enterprises are looking to combine the Internet with their MPLS-based networks in a hybrid WAN to increase bandwidth, reduce cost and improve cloud application performance. However, traditional hybrid WANs require a stack of branch appliances such as routers, switches and firewalls and a set of complex static policies to be configured and maintained for each site.

Our SD-WAN services turn hybrid networks into flexible and efficient enterprise assets. All functions are provided from a single edge appliance and automatically configured and adjusted to the local situation with zero-touch provisioning.

You control globally how applications are routed over the hybrid network. Dynamic path selection and multipath optimisation increase the efficient use of available network resources while ensuring and optimising the performance of cloud and legacy applications.

Integrated next-generation firewall services or seamless integration with cloud security services such as Zscaler allow secure and easy deployment of local Internet break-out facilities across the globe.

Large dynamic networks

Retailer organisations typically have very large networks with hundreds or thousands stores. These are highly dynamic networks: stores are opened, closed and relocated every day. This puts a huge burden on IT organisations who are often “first to act but last to know”. In a 1,000 site retail network, IT will have to manage 50 to 100 sites under change continually! Furthermore, omnichannel strategies, interactive store concepts and in-store WiFi are driving network dependency and bandwidth demand.

Construction and engineering companies face similar challenges: They typically have many locations that need to be connected quickly and on a temporary basis (for 6, 12 or 18 months) as soon as a new project has been acquired. These sites have huge bandwidth demands for tranferring CAD files, connecting construction cameras, etc.

Traditional network solutions are not capable to effectively address the requirements of these large, dynamic network environments due to their long delivery lead times (typically 6-8 weeks), high cost of bandwidth, long-term contract commitments and complexity of managing large numbers of sites and changes.

Videns next-generation WAN services are the solution for organisations with large, dynamic networks. With zero-touch provisioning organisations can instantly bring up new sites by simply connecting one or more ordinary Internet broadband or 3G/4G links – no configuration required. Standard Internet connections are transformed into high quality WAN links suitable to carry real-time traffic. Advanced QoS ensures that business-critical applications like VoIP and POS systems are protected at all times.

Easily manage changes across 100s or 1.000s of sites based on globally defined application and business policies instead of per site static router policies. Quickly increase bandwidth by simply adding inexpensive Internet links. Deliver additional branch services using integrated WiFi and firewall capabilities or any compatible third-party VNF. All services are provisioned from a single, zero-configuration edge device, or can be enabled on standard x86 hardware through a variety of supported hypervisors.

IT cost savings

Enterprises spend about 10% of their IT budget on the network. Networks require large capital expenditure in routers, switches, firewalls as well as huge ongoing cost for leasing expensive MPLS connections and bandwidth. And then there’s the internal cost for operating and managing these networks. Operations need to configure and maintain network policies, implement changes and troubleshoot and manage network problems. Management has to plan and budget network upgrades, review and report on service levels, manage provider contracts, etc.

Videns NextGen WAN services offer a huge opportunity to save costs:

  • Routers, switches and firewalls can be replaced by a simple (virtual) edge device that integrates all these functions.
  • Expensive MPLS connections can be replaced or augmented with inexpensive Internet links while preserving quality.
  • Operations can save considerable time of managing policies, implementing changes and troubleshooting problems by using network automation and objective-based management that provides full visibility and control over the network.
  • Management can make better informed decisions based on factual and meaningful reports that are simple to understand.

Enterprises can save over 50% of their total WAN budget. But there is an even larger saving that Videns can help to achieve: What are the costs for having to wait for weeks, even months before new sites are connected? What is the cost if the roll-out of an important application must be delayed with weeks or months because the network is not ready? What is the cost of an outage or brown-out of a critical business application like ERP? What is the cost of productivity loss due to poorly performing applications?

With Videns NextGen WAN services new sites and new applications can be rolled out in days, not weeks or months. Critical business applications are protected at all times while overall employee productivity increases because of better performing applications. With Videns you can save over 50% of your WAN budget while realising even larger savings on business cost!

ERP, CRM & business apps

About 30% of the IT budget of enterprises (€300 per user per month on average) is spent on business applications. Enterprises are spending millions on the development, implementation and maintenance of applications that support core business processes. Not surprising, as these applications can make the difference between success or failure of an organisation.

On the network however, key business applications face bandwidth competition from other, less-critical applications as well as high latencies for geographically distant locations. Traditional network solutions cannot cope as bandwidth demand and the number of applications continues to explode and all bandwidth will be consumed no matter how much you provide. The increasing amount of interfaces between and interdependency of applications don’t make life much easier either.

The impact of application brown-outs or black-outs can be enormous: Loss of revenue, huge factory shutdown and restart costs, 3rd party damage claims, reputation damages and loss of goodwill , etc.

Videns next-generation WAN services help enterprises to guarantee the performance of critical applications. The complex mesh of application flows is dynamically regulated and steered by global application objectives. Mission-critical applications such as ERP, CRM or VoIP are protected at all times for each user: The performance of these applications will be delivered against SLA objectives, end-to-end over the global WAN.

Smart path selection and optimisation technologies improve business continuity. They ensure the availability and performance of critical applications even if one or more network links to a site fail or perform poorly. Direct paths to Cloud and enterprise applications result in maximum performance while intelligent acceleration further optimises the user experience for sites connected via high latency links.